Hajj Special Issue

Hajj Of The Prophet ﷺ And His Farewell Sermon HOW often do we desire to see the face of our beloved Prophet ﷺ? How often are we, when we travel to Makkah or Madina, moved by the fact that this was the place the Prophet ﷺ walked with his Sahabah, fighting the falsehood and establishing…...

V Bionic team from Saudi Arabia and Germany Win Microsoft’s Imagine Cup 2022

Zain Ahmed Samdani, 21, founder of V-Bionic (and team1) has been awarded first place in Microsoft’s 2022 Imagine Cup World Championship for ExoHeal, a modular exoskeletal hand rehabilitation device that helps patients with neurological damage recover faster, at a fraction of the cost of other options.  This is a remarkable achievement, given that thousands of…...

Understanding The Thamud

madain saleh

Who are the Thamud? The people Prophet Saleh was sent to. But what about others who came after him and the archaeological sites dating to the first two centuries? What do early Islamic scholars say about the survivors from the Thamud?

Sunnah of Cooling Food: Hot causes cancer, say researchers

hot food

Are you used to drinking very hot tea or consuming food when it’s just off the stove? This is not recommended in the Sunnah and scientists have found it causes esophageal cancer. Researchers found that tea drinkers who liked their beverage to be warmer than 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit) and consumed more than…...

Fiqh ad-Da’wah: Islamic principles and regulations

The author, Somayah Kassas, has compiled from several Arabic resources the regulations and guidelines for giving da’wah. The book includes most basic fiqh ad-da’wah syllabuses due to the shortage of such literature in the English language. First published in 2005, the material of this book was gathered and presented to the students of the Islamic …

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Test Book


Juz’u ‘Amma is the most commonly recited and memorized portion of the Qur’ān. Its early revelations came in powerful language consisting of short, concise but eloquent sentences; their literary style was so unique that it attracted a great deal of attention. Logical evidences supported the universal truths expressed within them. Their verses exposed the errors …

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Ramadan Special Issue

How the Month of Fasting is Observed in Different Cultures COVID-19 changed the way we observed our social rituals for the last two years. In Ramadan, our community activities and prayers were altered by physical distancing or closed mosques. However, we only praise and thank Allah for everything for He knows and we know not…....