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Dear Readers,

We are an Ummah of ‘Iqra’ (Read). At Muslim Ink, we are driven by a passion to revive our Ummah’s rich legacy of learning and driving positive change in the world.

We are on a mission to produce beneficial publications for Muslims In sha Allah. Our content will be firmly and uncompromisingly rooted in and shaped by what Allah and His Messenger ﷺ have said.

By subscribing to Muslim Ink Magazine, you will not only be reading excellent content In sha Allah, but also supporting our mission as we work on many more beneficial products and services.

Why Subscribe to Our Magazine

“Knowledge comes before speech and action,” wrote Imam al-Bukhari as the chapter’s title in his famous work popularly known as Sahih al-Bukhari. The importance of reading and learning cannot be stressed enough. We cannot perform deeds without knowing how to perform them. The Qur’an and Hadeeth have numerous texts that explain the high virtue of learning in our religion. The path to Paradise is made easy for those who spend time in seeking knowledge, as mentioned in a hadeeth.

Knowledge without implementation, of course, is useless. Knowledge benefits when it drives positive change in us and our actions.

In a chaotic world of useless distractions, information overload, and an ever-decreasing attention span, let us as Muslims take a step back and consider the content we are continuously consuming. How much of our time is spent in endless scrolling viewing bits and pieces of information as opposed to immersing ourselves in a book or thoroughly studying a topic?

We do not say that time spent on social media is useless. We certainly benefit from the amazing, user-generated-and-curated content. However, it’s negative effects are well-known when we overdo it or misuse it.

As Muslims, we must critically evaluate how best we can use our limited time on earth to maximize our gains in dunya and akhirah. Spending time reading good content, for the sake of Allah, can be quite rewarding.

“We know the value of beneficial content… We work hard to curate, edit, write, and bring out the best content for Muslims In sha Allah.”

In fact, seeking Islamic knowledge scores above many voluntary deeds. You do not have to subscribe to Muslim Ink for doing this. You can very well (and should) do that by learning from scholars, reading authentic books, signing up for Islamic courses, and so on. What is important is that we as Muslims revive the culture of learning Islam and acting upon it. Let’s not forget that we are an Ummah of ‘Iqra’ and that our predecessors were the beacons of light for the world.

At Muslim Ink, we are passionate about producing beneficial information-related services for 21st century Muslims. We would like to become a platform of every khair (goodness) for Muslims. The magazine that we have launched will In sha Allah provide excellent content in a variety of topics: Islam, Current Affairs, History, Science, Life & Culture, Halal Travel, and Islamic Finance. We know the value of beneficial content. The Prophet ﷺ would make du’aa for beneficial knowledge and seek protection from knowledge that did not benefit. We work hard to curate, edit, write, and bring out the best content for Muslims In sha Allah. You can learn more about us and our team in the about us page.

You can get a taste of our work as our Sep/Oct 2020 edition is available for free to view online. If you find our work valuable, subscribe today!