Paneer Tikka Recipe

An Indian dish made from cubes of paneer (cottage cheese) marinated in spices and then grilled with capsicum and onions. It is a vegetarian alternative to chicken tikka. The trick in grilling these amazingly delicious skewers is to ensure that the paneer, whilst perfectly succulent and tender, should also have a slight crisp singe on …

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Seekh Kabab Recipe

Spicy kababs made from a smooth minced mixture. They can be either grilled over a bbq or baked in the oven or pan-fried on the stove-top, and are commonly served with a salad, fries, naan or pita bread and a variety of dips. INGREDIENTS

Sweet Lassi Recipe

Amazingly delicious. Aside from the numerous health benefits of having lassi, this refreshing drink is ideal to revitalize the body after a long day of fasting or during warm summery days. INGREDIENTS

Ramadan Fatawa

What nullifies the fast Q- What nullifies the fast? A- Sexual intercourse; Eating; Drinking; The emission of Mani (semen) due to desire; Whatever bears the characteristics of food and drink; Intentional vomiting; The emission of blood due to cupping; The emission of menstrual and postpartum blood. – Sheikh Muhammad Bin Salih Al-‘Uthaimeen, Islamic Verdicts on …

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Ramadan in History

MANY Muslims today have a misconception about fasting and the activities of a fasting person. They go into a state of semi-hibernation, spending most of their daylight hours in bed. If they fear Allah, they wake up for prayer, but then return to sleep immediately. This unnatural sleep makes them become lazy, dull-witted and often …

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Poem: Season of Change

WHEN winds become soft and gentle, when sunshine changes from heat to warmth… when rain is more cooling than ever before… when clouds move calmly dressed in peaceful white… when the rustling of trees is like a familiar chanting… when whispers of prayer fill the earth, when mountains stand motionless echoing Divine praise… when a …

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