Muslim ethnic groups in china

The Diverse Muslim Ethnic Groups Of China

Muslims in China are all identified through their government-assigned ethnicity and not through any means of personally stated religious belief. There are several consequences of…...

challenges muslims face in china

Challenges Muslims Face In China

Muslims in general (other than the Uyghurs, who are enduring extreme oppression) face a number of challenges in China. These include: State Control of Religion…...

Uyghur Kebab

RECIPE: Uyghur Kebab And Naan

❝ Uyghur “keebabs” are sought after in China as a street food of choice. Originating in Xinjiang, these kebabs have bridged political, ethnic and culinary…...


Reminder: Texting can work for or against you

According to a recent survey, over 90 percent of divorce attorneys saw the increased use of digital messages being submitted as evidence, and the trend…...