In Pictures: Muslims In China

Various Mosques

In Pictures:Muslims in China Mosques Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar, Xinjiang province, China Various mosques around China Amin Mosque, Turfan, China Various mosques in China Chinese Islamic Calligraphy 99 Names of Allah. Right: Close up Over many centuries of integration, Muslims in China developed a unique calligraphy style: an Arabic script with Chinese characteristics. Left: …

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Did Islamic Education Radicalize Chinese Muslims?

chinese muslim student

Did Islamic Education Radicalize Chinese Muslims? ❝ Jackie Armijo, assistant professor at New York University Shanghai, has conducted extensive research on the subject and shown that Islamic education did not radicalize Chinese Muslims. Over the past twenty years, throughout all of China (except for Xinjiang), mosques have organized classes in Arabic and Islamic studies for …

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Understanding The Uyghur Conflict

the uyghur conflict

Throughout history, Uyghurs have mostly been independent and therefore some sentiments for a separate state exist in the region. Uyghurs are Turkic in origin – different ethnically, culturally and linguistically – and have lived under a Muslim state since they converted to Islam many centuries ago. Hui people on the other hand are Muslims who …

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The Diverse Muslim Ethnic Groups Of China

Muslim ethnic groups in china

Muslims in China are all identified through their government-assigned ethnicity and not through any means of personally stated religious belief. There are several consequences of this policy. For example, there is no way to identify in the national census the growing number of converts to Islam. [Also read: Challenges Muslims Face In China] Officially, there …

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Challenges Muslims Face In China

challenges muslims face in china

Muslims in general (other than the Uyghurs, who are enduring extreme oppression) face a number of challenges in China. These include: State Control of Religion Establishing civil society organizations is particularly daunting because technically any organization involving Muslims must be established through the auspices of state-controlled organizations. These organizations, staffed by Communist Party cadres, are …

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RECIPE: Uyghur Kebab And Naan

Uyghur Kebab

❝ Uyghur “keebabs” are sought after in China as a street food of choice. Originating in Xinjiang, these kebabs have bridged political, ethnic and culinary differences across China. Uyghur kebabs are a staple of Xinjiang cuisine, and consist of alternating pieces of seasoned lamb meat and fat cut into medium-sized chunks and marinated in traditional …

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