7 Ways to Instill the Love of Qur’an in Children

1) Start as early as possible

Never feel that the child is too small to read/learn the Qur’an. It is never too early to start. If you have a small child, keep the Qur’an playing for some time of the day or recite the Qur’an when you rock them to sleep. It is easier for children to learn the Surahs they heard frequently as babies. Along with the audio recordings, it is important for kids to see and listen to their parents reciting the Qur’an.

2) Introduce them to Arabic

Allah revealed the Qur’an in Arabic. So even if you do not live in a place where Arabic is spoken, teach your children the language. Teach them to read and write Arabic ا ب ت just like they read and write A B C’s. Help them learn the colors, numbers, and shapes in Arabic along with English.  Plan interesting activities or worksheets to make them familiar with the language.

3) Recite throughout the day

Children have short attention spans. But they manage to learn several rhymes in their early years. They don’t sit in one place and read rhymes multiple times. They listen to them over and over which results in subconscious memorization. Similarly, to help them memorize the Qur’an, take a few verses and repeat them throughout the day. You may play the audio on repeat or recite yourself while working around them. It is enough if they just listen, even if they don’t repeat it.

4) Give them their own Qur’an

If a child is old enough to read the Qur’an on their own, give them a personal copy of the Qur’an, where they can mark their mistakes in recitation/memorization or underline the verses they love. Allow them to personalize using bookmarks or Qur’an covers of their choice. If the child is young, then you can print out the Surahs they are learning and file them before giving it to them. Make sure to teach them the proper etiquettes of the Qur’an to avoid disrespecting it.

5) Listen to different recitors

Let them listen to different shaykhs reciting the Qur’an. Show them videos of their recitation if you can find. Many children nowadays can tell the name of a song after listening to a small extract from it. Why not use that skill of theirs to pull their tender hearts towards the Qur’an?

6) Keep the Qur’an at accessible locations

Don’t keep it on top of shelves. Show reverence to the Qur’an, not by placing it on top of other books, but by regularly taking it out and keeping it in the heart. Keep it at easily accessible locations throughout the house. Encourage your child to take out their Qur’an and recite whenever they have spare time.

7) Lead by example

Dedicate a specific time of the day for yourself to recite the Qur’an, even if it is for just five minutes. Children follow what they see. So, lead by example. When children see their parents doing something regularly, they tend to follow it without coercion.

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