Knowledge That Does Not Benefit

“Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.” [Al-Tirmidhi] FOR those who are familiar with this hadith, we understand that it talks about religious knowledge. Enough of us make worldly knowledge an obligation – that’s what our education system is there for – but when it comes to learning more about our religion that is …

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What Sabr or Patience Really Means

Sabr As A Concept InIslam THE linguistic meaning of the root verb, sa∙ba∙ra, is to confine, detain, retain, restrain, restrict or withhold something. Usually, when used in the religious sense, it’s object is the self or soul. As a concept in Islam, sabr is often translated as patience, but it also includes aspects of restraint, self-discipline, …

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Book Review: Civilization Of Faith

 WHAT name comes to your mind when you think of civilization that is successful and advanced? It won’t be a surprise to hear that many would think of Western civilization. But what about our Muslim civilization? How much do we know about our history and our predecessors? What did they do? It is sad that very …

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What Does Allah Want From Us First?

On hearing the word “first” what should immediately spring to mind is the obvious: basic, primary, obligatory. But why should we think basic when we consider ourselves advanced? The reason is that nothing grows and flowers unless it is planted well and nourished with the right conditions. Right?

How Muslims Were Victorious

Abu Ishaq Al-Fazari (d. 777 CE) describes well in the following narration: The enemy was never able to stand up to the Companions of Allah’s Messenger ﷺ, so when the news of the defeat of the Romans came to Heraclius at Antioch he asked [his people], “Woe to you, tell me about these people who …

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Tips For Revising The Qur’an

THOSE on the journey of memorising the Qur’an know that revising is as hard – if not more difficult – than the actual memorisation. And if you are in between Qur’an buddies or institutes that are dedicated to memorisation, but still want to continue on this journey, these tips are for you – to help …

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What Islam Says About Horoscopes

“News today was not even worth reading! Let me check my horoscope and see what the stars have in store for me today!” Really? Do you really think a star can govern your life and is generous enough to let you know about it beforehand?! What Is A Horoscope?