The ‘Hijab’ Of Today’s Women

The Elephant In The Room
The ‘Hijab’ Of Today’s Women

“O children of Adam let not Satan tempt you as he removed your parents from Paradise, stripping them of their clothing to show them their private parts. Indeed, he sees you, he and his tribe, from where you do not see them. Indeed, We have made the devils allies to those who do not believe.” [Quran, 7:27]

We are familiar with the devil’s trickery of Adam and Hawwa, the way he whispered to them, and his assurance to them that he was a ‘trustworthy advisor’, from every hidden angle. And what was the first consequence?

Exposure of that which was concealed. Thus, Shaytan lowered their high ranks and made them closer to sin.

Clothing is a blessing from the Almighty to protect us from harm and to cover ourselves in the virtuous manner prescribed by Him and His Messenger . As wise Muslim women, we should be aware of the evil plots and plans of the Shayateen, who are unceasing in their transgression and strategically try to block every path leading to the truth.

To date, Iblis and his troops are constant in their struggle to misguide the offspring, just as he lured our parents. [Also read: A Conflict Of Cultures: Being Muslim In The 21st Century]

One may ask, what is the best form of clothing? Allah mentions:

“O children of Adam, We have bestowed upon you clothing to conceal your private parts and as adornment. But the clothing of righteousness – that is best. That is from the signs of Allah that perhaps they will remember.” [Quran, 7:26]

In his book ‘A Piece of Advice and Admonition for the Women’, Shaykh Abdur-Razzaq Al-Badr mentions that there are two types of clothing:

  1. Clothing of inner self-piety, which stays with the servant; it does not become worn nor destroyed as long as the servant protects it, and it is the beauty of the heart and soul.
  2. Clothing of the outer self with garments that cover the body and hide the private parts, and they are a beautification for people.

Stripping off clothes is a tremendous, undignified act which is against the fitrah of human beings. If one lacks inner piety, then they will certainly be exposed to disgrace and struck by humiliation, leading to self-destruction and many categories of lowliness. This is where our enemy succeeds in carrying out his old plot- stripping of shyness and modesty! 

Camel-Hump Hijab

I totally agree with the explanation of the Shaykh mentioned above. Looking around us, we find our environment inundated with ‘Westernisation’. 

In other words, what they call it being ‘civilised’. Especially our young teen girls, who are easily susceptible to these fantasised notions of ‘hijab tutorials’. Western Hijabis I say!

The ‘camel-hump hijab’, for example, barely covers anything, but reveals everything. This is proof that our struggling enemy is beautifying disobedience, causing us to fall into error upon error, and we are yet to wake up and heed the warnings of our Creator.

Don’t forget that Allah warned Adam and Hawwa beforehand. So no excuses! If this rejected one could cause our parents to be cast out of Paradise through his sly scheming, then his causing their offspring to deviate is even more conceivable. [Also read: How To Be A Strong Muslim In Today’s World]

Our women are being entrapped in this tribulation. The devils have concocted to pull our women into the direction of removing their clothing and discarding their modesty.

The types of clothing being imported into the marketplaces of Muslims are in fact for those who are clothed yet naked.

Allah’s warning is clear:

“Indeed, We have made the devils allies to those who do not believe.” [Quran 7:27]

You are then prey to many greedy, thirsty men whose desires are untamed and are quenching those desires through you. Yes, you, having been distanced from a foundation of chastity i.e., proper clothing!

O Muslim women, fear Allah! Being modest is a safety valve for you and your society. May Allah protect our women from all the fitnah of appearing clothed yet being naked. Ameen!

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