Video: Canadians stand up to ‘Anti-Muslim Bigotry’

A SOCIAL experiment video of anti-Muslim bigotry that has gone viral shows what ordinary Canadians are renowned for – tolerance and fairness.

It is indeed pleasing to see such consciousness and principled views in a world where bigots and hate-spewing polarizers have taken over popular media outlets to mould public view.

The video produced by Omar Albach, an 18-year-old student at York University, involved an actor dressed head-to-toe in traditional Islamic garb standing at a bus stop as another actor heckled him. The “racist” character kept asking the Muslim man to step away from the bus line out of supposed fear of a terror threat.

Not a single bystander supports the heckler’s view and many angrily object to his racism. Another gets so aggravated that he strikes the heckling actor in the face.

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