ukranian man embraces Islam

Ukrainian Disabled Man embraces Islam After taking shelter in a Mosque During Russia-Ukraine War

Guidance to Islam is on top of all the countless gifts and blessings Allah bestows upon human beings. It can come anytime; at times during a person’s darkest time as a beacon of light. Such was the case for a disabled Ukrainian man who converted to Islam after taking shelter in a mosque during the Russian attack.

Usually, whenever there was an attack, Voronko Urko, a Ukrainian citizen, and his family went to a shelter. However, on March 8th he was left alone when volunteers separated and took his family somewhere. He began to despair about living without gas, light, or water and reached out to Imam Muhammad Ali for help when the situation became intolerable.

“When the situation became unbearable he called me and said, ‘Ali, please help me’. From that moment on he lived in our mosque and we became brothers”, recounts Imam Ali.

After living in the mosque for a while, Voronko Urko got inspired to embrace Islam and become a Muslim. He pronounced his Shahaada on August 20, 2022.

We pray that Allah keeps him steadfast on the deen and reunite him with his family.

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