Ugandan worker in Qatar

Ugandan Petrol Station Worker in Qatar Gifted Umrah trip after his Perfect Arabic Sermon in Mosque

It was an ordinary Friday gathering at a small mosque, located in the vicinity of Hamad International Airport in Qatar, until the muadhin realized that the Imam was running late and the gathering couldn’t wait any longer. He asked if there was someone who could preach the sermon (Khutbah)

A young Ugandan man stepped up to deliver an eloquent and sonorous sermon in Arabic that was recorded by a member and went viral on social media. The circulating clip shows Abdul Rahman Abdul Rashid on the mosque pulpit, dressed in his gas station uniform, delivering a fluent sermon without referring to any written material. He quotes ayat and Hadith and improvises his address.

He was honored and widely praised for his command of the Arabic Language and memorization of verses from the Holy Quran.

Ajyal educational center, a Qatari institution concerned with youth, honored the Ugandan youth. The center welcomed him with a corridor of honor, amid the applause of the center’s children, who threw flowers at him and gave him a standing ovation.

Furthermore, a Qatari Hajj and Umrah Company, Hamlat at Tayyibah Lill Hajj wal Umrah, gifted him with an opportunity to perform Umrah and visit the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah. In a video posted by Ilm feed Twitter handle Abdul Rahman Abdul Rashid thanked the said organization saying “I have nothing to pay you except to pray that Allah ﷻ reward you abundantly in the hereafter”.

We pray that Allah ﷻ accepts his Ibaadah and helps him in all his religious and worldly affairs.

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