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Traditional nutrition researcher offers free Ramadan Remedy e-book

Aiman Attar, a researcher in traditional nutrition and prophetic medicine, is offering her e-book, The Ramadan Remedy, free for a limited time. She is inviting readers to “learn about your body as it was designed by Allah.”

As a mother of 4, her objective is to prevent illness as well as heal and nourish herself and her family according to the teachings of Islam. She wasn’t satisfied with the Standard American Diet (SAD) or the lack of solutions of modern medicine, so she discovered the path of wellness from traditional nourishment and remedies that can fit our busy, chaotic lifestyle.

In an excerpt of her book, Aiman says quoting Ibn Qayyim’s book Medicine of the Prophet, “(Based on) the casual mention of Phlegm, Blood, Choleric and Melancholic, one can infer that the accepted and practiced medicine of the time was that of Ibn Sina (Avicenna) who adopted the four temperaments from the works of Hippocrates.”

While reading the book, she “began to wonder why the common knowledge of readers 700 years ago about health, nutrition and medicine, differed so vastly from the understanding of our bodies now.”

She says modern medicine today has deviated from traditional medicine to the point that “that there is little left within its foundations that even remotely resembles its strong beginnings.”

To know more and download her book, visit her website:

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