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Qatar University launches free online Arabic course for Non-Arabic speakers

Qatar University has launched three massive open online courses (MOOCs) on the ‘edX’ worldwide e-learning platform, contributing to the university’s commitment to providing reliable Arabic content online.

The move towards online courses is part of QU’s efforts to expand the channels of education, particularly following the pandemic, where several educational challenges have been identified and there is a greater need for learners to access reliable, credible content endorsed by prestigious academic institutions. 

The courses are designed by QU to extend bridges between Qatar and the world and introduce local culture and identity to a wider audience, represented by three initial courses entitled: 

These choices come as part of the leading position QU plays in preserving identity and are based on the belief in the significant role the Arabic language plays in promoting Arabic and Islamic fields. This is consistent with the State of Qatar’s intention to support and preserve the Arabic language and strengthen its role following the activation of Law No. 7 regarding the protection of the Arabic language, which was issued by Amiri decree in 2019. 

QU includes an elite group of faculty members with expertise in teaching Arabic for non-native speakers through its dedicated “Arabic for Non-Native Speakers Center,’ which offers certificates of completion to international students of over 35 nationalities. Due to the growing demand for learning Arabic online, the university is keen to provide these courses with the goal of spreading knowledge. Since the launch of the courses a few weeks ago, around 600 users have registered from all around the world. 

It is worth mentioning that this course is the first of its kind on an open education platform in teaching Arabic to non-native speakers around the world, and provides an important educational contribution that meets the needs of the educational market around the world. The university is considering developing two more courses to complement this one, forming together a micro-specialization program for teaching Arabic to non-native speakers.

Credits: The Peninsula Qatar

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