Qatar introduces Islam to World Cup fans through hadeeth murals

Qatar has set up several murals with hadiths of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ across the country to introduce Islam to incoming World Cup fans.

The host of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar is availing the opportunity to introduce the world to its customs, tradition, culture, and values by placing murals of the Prophet’s hadiths featuring the Arabic script along with the English translation.

Murals carry sayings of the Holy Prophet ﷺ on mercy, charity, and good deeds have been placed all over the streets. “Every good deed is a charity”, “He who is not merciful to others, will not be treated mercifully”, and “Guard yourself against the Hellfire, even with half of a date in charity. If one cannot find it, then with a kind word” were some of the hadiths shared.

The highly anticipated FIFA World Cup 2022 will begin from November 20th till December 18th. This will be the first FIFA World Cup tournament  to be hosted in the Middle East, the first in a Muslim-majority country, and the first to be held at the end of the calendar year, in November and December.

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