Oman exhibits message of Islam in Japan

For the first time in the far-east country, a Japanese university at the city of Kyoto has hosted an Omani exhibition of the message of Islam, introducing Japanese people to an approach of coexistence and tolerance as embedded in the exhibition’s message.

“The Japanese public is open to learn new things. The Japanese are interested in learning about Islam,” Professor Katashiro Kohara, the director of the Centre for Monotheistic Studies, said in a speech about the Exhibition cited by the Oman Observer.

Kohara was speaking as the forty-sixth edition of the “Message of Islam from Oman” Exhibition was inaugurated at Doshisha University.

The event is organized around the world by Oman’s Ministry of Religious Affairs.

Japan today is home to a thriving Muslim community of about 120,000, among nearly 127 million in the world’s tenth most populated country.

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