Are Muslims Evil and Violent? Facts Say Otherwise

It’s all shamelessly open. Because the media’s hypocrisy against Muslims has become the norm, there is nothing left to expose anymore.

We are often told that Muslims are: Violent. Criminals. Terrorists. Backward. Oppressors of Women. And a self-indictment that Muslims have generally given into: “Islam is the best religion, but Muslims are the worst followers!”

Facts however prove the opposite, alhamdulillah.

#1. Muslims are the least violent of all people in the world.

study has highlighted that crime rate is the lowest in Muslim countries:

Predominantly, Muslim countries average 2.4 murders per annum per 100,000 people, compared to 7.5 in non-Muslim countries. The percentage of the society that is made up of Muslims is an extraordinarily good predictor of a country’s murder rate. More authoritarianism in Muslim countries does not account for the difference. I have found that controlling for political regime in statistical analysis does not change the findings. More Muslims, less homicide.

#1. The least of all miserable countries in the world: Brunei, a Muslim country.

#1. The country that respects women the most: UAE, a Muslim country. (Harvard/World Economic Forum)

Yes, Muslims are not perfect. With over 1.5 billion in population, of course there are going to be people who commit crimes. People with common sense, regardless of their faith, have noted the absurdity of mainstream media’s systematic targeting and blaming of the entire community when a Muslim commits a crime: Why aren’t all Whites, Christians, or [enter any other community’s name] blamed likewise when someone from them commits the crime?

These are strong arguments that people have very vocally put forward time and again to debunk the propaganda (not to mention the number of false flag operations to deliberately malign us).

However, the reality about Muslims goes above and beyond. Despite not being as strong as we once were, we still hold values that the world can look up to and that other faiths envy us for, alhamdulillah.

For example, a fundamentalist Christian website published the following:

“As Catholics agonize over how best to cope with the more bitter fruits of modernity (sexual depravity and the breakdown of marriage and family), we can turn to another part of the planet to find a culture that has shown considerable success in preserving traditional mores. I am speaking, of course, of the Islamic world. Even as Christians abandon en masse our centuries-old beliefs concerning marriage, fornication and homosexuality, Muslims are still largely adhering to those traditional views.”

While the US Catholic Journal published:

“A century ago the American moral perspective was identical to the modern Muslim perspective on all but one of the behaviors mentioned above—homosexuality, sex outside marriage, abortion, euthanasia, suicide, and prostitution. The only exception is drinking alcohol, though even on that issue there was sufficient support to pass Prohibition legislation in 1920.”


“…we must admit that it is not Muslims but Christians who have changed their moral beliefs.”

Not too long ago, the Vatican thanked Muslims for “bringing God back” into Europe.

Be sure that if there were to be only one community that would bring back ethics, morality, peace and justice in this world, it will most likely be the Muslim community. We have a history of saving persecuted minorities and liberating people from oppression (in its true sense) and not abusing them.

“You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah.” (Quran, 3:110)

The reason why Muslims are special is because we follow teachings that are truly divine i.e. from God. Islam – meaning obedience and submission to God – is the natural religion of man from the beginning of time. Prophets were sent with teachings and proofs to establish their truthfulness in the eyes of the people. Islam is the fastest growing religion among people who are unbiased in seeking the truth.

A Word to Muslims

Be patient in these stressful times when people abuse you and your religion. Don’t let the hateful propaganda, lies and distortions take you for a ride. People may ridicule your laws and challenge your views based on notions that are popular today. But what you have been given are timeless truths and values. People who make up their own laws are confused at best.

Consider as an example that for centuries in Europe (up until mid-19th century) bathing was thought to be harmful and inappropriate. People, including the kings and the elite, lived their entire lives without having bathed once. They would use scented rags, bags and powders to avoid smelling the stench from their bodies. The best of all: People who would bathe (like the Russians) were considered perverts!

Without God’s guidance we would all be a confused lot – and most people are today. We should be grateful that we are among those who have accepted His guidance, which He in fact sent for all of humankind.

Be patient and do not let any propaganda storm affect your faith. Truth usually becomes clear after the storm passes away. And the future is for Islam.

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