Researchers in Madinah claim successful COVID-19 treatment

Updated: Please find updated edits at the bottom of the article

A medical research team in Taibah university, Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Saudi Arabia, has successfully treated COVID-19 patients and contacts using a regimen that includes black seeds (nigella sativa), which according to a Prophetic tradition contains a cure for all diseases.

The team’s research paper has been published in the American Journal of Public Health Research and made public for everyone to access.

Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, reported: The Messenger of Allah  ﷺ said, “This black seed is healing for all diseases but poison.” She said, “What is poison?” The Prophet ﷺ said, “Death.” [Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5363]

Recommended dosage

One dose of TaibUVID* consists of:

  • 1 teaspoon (2 grams) of black seeds
  • 1 teaspoon (1 gram) of [ground] chamomile
  • 1 tablespoon of natural bee honey

Mix well. Then, chew well and swallow. It is preferred that you drink juice after this, or eat an orange, a lemon, or a tangerine.

*TaibUVID stands for Taibah University anti-COVID-19 treatment.


Take one dose [of the above] daily, until this epidemic ends.


  • Take five doses daily, for an entire week. Then take one dose daily until the epidemic ends.
  • If there is severe cough or difficulty in breathing, you can inhale the vapors from black seed oil, or clove oil, or what remains of solution after boiling [and sifting] black seeds and chamomile.
  • Simply place any of the above in a nebulizer, and inhale [the vapor].
  • If you do not have a nebulizer, then you can put one tablespoon of black seeds, one tablespoon of chamomile, and one cup of water in a pot, and cover it partially. Then, let it heat on low heat and inhale [the vapors]. Do this 5-6 times a day.

According to the paper published by the Department of Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, Taibah University, Madinah, Saudi Arabia:

“We studied the effect of natural plants which are well known and which scientific research has shown [to be effective in this], such as black seeds (nigella sativa), chamomile (anthemia hyaline), and cloves, in order to treat the Coronavirus [Covid-19].
[…] both black seeds and chamomile can completely stop the growth of the Coronavirus.”

Dr Salah Mohammed El Sayed head of a team of ten researchers said:

“By Allah’s favor, all of the Corona [Covid19] patients who used this treatment, TaibUVID, have improved, and they prepared it in their own homes. It did not take a patient more than one week to improve.”

“We have published the therapeutic protocol in a medical journal so that everyone can access it. Perhaps we can save a life of someone dear, and how many they are! Allah knows the intentions. By Allah’s grace, all cases have recovered. May Allah protect everyone. O Allah, I have relayed [this information]. O Allah, bear witness,” he said.

Black seeds (nigella sativa) and chamomile (anthemis hyalina) were confirmed to inhibit corona virus replication maximally. In addition, black seeds enhance immunity, exert tissue protective effects and effectively treat co-morbidities.

Pure honey taken orally exerts potent antiviral effects, enhances immunity and exerts tissue protective effects.

According to the researchers: “Our suggested TaibUVID and TaibUVID Plus are promising evidence-based approach to rescue lives and decrease fatalities.”

Note: It has been pointed out in the comments that the journal in which the researchers have published their paper is not a reputed one and the treatment may not have passed the scientific trials.

However, the medical researchers at Taibah University have reported they have found this treatment to be true and effective in their experience, practice and study. And they have made their study public in April 2020. Hopefully this will lead to more adoption and bring us more information in this regard.

Furthermore, the researchers have also published their names and contact information. You may get in touch with them for additional clarity.

Please keep all of this in consideration along with the report itself. This does not replace any medical advice that one must take from doctors for one’s specific situations.

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77 thoughts on “Researchers in Madinah claim successful COVID-19 treatment”

  1. Mohammed Anas

    Subhanallah…..if Allah gives the disease surely he gives the cure also……. subhanallah

  2. Subhaan Allah ….May Allah swt Bless all researchers with more knowledge n good health n protect from all types of diseases…ameen ….jazaak Allah khair for the splendid information..

  3. Mohammed Jaffer Sadiq

    Great Work, May Allah bless you with more success through wasila of our Aqa Salallahu Alaihiwasallam

  4. Muhammad Qadeer

    Great work Alhumdolilah, could you please tell what is ,(chamomile) where can I get that also you mentioned that take 5 times daily for a week then 1 time daily till probably pandemic end
    1 time daily is understandable but for a week 5times how it will effect on our body means any negative side effects will occur? Please advise

  5. Assalamualaikum, Dear All and Mr. Editor,

    I researched on the internet after reading this article and couldn’t find any evidence to support it. Could you please let us know who told you this important news whats the source of it. If it was true it would have become a global news by now and wouldn’t be only with an unknown news website like this one. Do u agree?.

    May Allah bless this Ummah with Wisdom to judge truth from falsehood.


    Jazakallah khairan.

    1. The link to the paper published in the Journal is available in the article itself. Please click on it to view the research paper. Thanks

  6. Maasha-Allah Subghanallah Jazaakallah
    Allahoe Akbar.
    Sadaqta Yaa RASOOLULLAH (SAW)
    U have spoken the truth

  7. Khaja Yousufuddin

    Subhan Allah, that’s great achievement and need of the day.
    What’s the urdu name of chamomile and where can we get it in organic form?
    Please guide.


  9. Salaam. Has this treatment go e through clinical trials? How many patients was this treat trialed on? What symptoms and conditions were the trial patients? To what level of improvements did the patients experience? Has this treatment been trialed on patients in ICU due to COVID-19? The researchers and reporters should describe this treatment with more data and trial result as well as or after references from Hadith. Please provide more information. Will/can this treatment be produced as a cure for the masses? How? When?

    1. You can view the research paper in the link. It has been published in a respected, scientific journal.

  10. Alhamdollilah I have been praying our brothers
    May bring Khair and barakha in there research
    Shukr Allah

  11. Slms our Muslims are having so much of yakeen in the advices of the nasara that they questioned the advices of our beloved Nabi Saw.
    Kulungi and honey.
    Did they ever use it for any illness and see the benefit than questioning the advice of Nabi SAw

  12. I’m amazed at your ignorance and your request for verification about the “health properties” of Kalunji Ie Black seed.

  13. This university should stop poisoning the Muslims through teaching them wrong tawheed.
    Rather die with Coronavirus than dying with wrong belief.

    May Allaah protect this nation from blasphemy, whereas , we are going to die sooner or later.

  14. Jazakallah khairen for sharing may Allah reward all the researchers and their families inshallah. May Allah keep them safe and healthy.

  15. Salman Mohammed

    Let us try to find if the article is authentic and authoritative or reliable or not and should it be publicized by Muslims?

    Ways to identify if the journal is a predatory journal or not?
    Sciepub, the publisher of the American Journal of Public Health Research journal (this is where Taibah University published their article) claims to be an open-access and is indexed in major database.
    Open access journals are indexed list of open access journals and eliminate the fake ones: https://doaj-org
    Medline is the major indexing database around the globe:
    Clarivate is an authority in determining the impact factor of journals:
    The American Journal of Public Health Research (AJPHR) is neither listed in Open access journal nor indexed in Medline. Besides, there is no impact factor for this journal by Clarivate. Anyone with little knowledge can verify by themselves by going on the above websites (snapshots can be provided if required).
    Also, the publisher of this journal (AJPHR) is listed as a predatory:
    All these 4 factors confirm that the publisher/journal are predatory (predatory publishers do not follow the proper academic standards for publishing) and hence the article should not be considered genuine.

    Coming to the article:
    Has the article performed and published preclinical data on
    Animal: NO
    Cell lines: NO
    Human trials: NO (ZERO patients)
    The article is called a treatment protocol without providing any evidence on the animal, cell lines, or human trials. The article takes the support of published paper in 2014 again, which has not performed any experiment on covid19.
    Does this mean all the mentioned ingredients will not help in controlling the corona infection? Based on the article, since no evidence is provided to support the claim, so we can safely disregard this article. However, if some researcher provides evidence for the treatment of current coronavirus (covid19) using the recipe mentioned in the article, then such evidence can be evaluated and discussed. Till then we should not publicize such kind of articles.

    1. Salaam alaikum
      Thank you for the information. Will check and update the article accordingly to reflect a more accurate view. Jazaak Allahu khairan

    1. No, the paper was published in April 2020. However, we have published a note which brings more clarity.

  16. AlHamdu Lillah. It’s a milestone, great success by the Muslims. May Allah SWT accept it and give barakah to all concern. May Allah SWT give us wisdom to understand and follow the Sunnah and spread it among mankind. JazakAllahu khairan to our devoted research team.

  17. Alhamdulillah. Our prophet has told us more than 1441yrs ago that there’s no disease without a cure. Subhanallah.

  18. Md Mosaddeaqur Rahman

    I want to get chamomile . How can ? Is it avialable in Bangladesh. If I want to collect this can you help me please

  19. There is no doubt that there is cure in kulungi. My sister had suffered from asthma most of her life and someone told her to take 1/4tsp of kulungi oil every morning in warm water and alhamdulillah after taking it for about a year she is cured.

  20. Hassan Sadiq Katsina

    Assalamu Alaikum. Masha Allah. May The Almighty Allah Give The Researchers More Knowledge In Carrying Out Many Research And Subsequent Results. But What’s Wrong With Some Of Us, Muslim Brothers!!! It Has Been Stated In The Holy Books About Black Seed And Other Related Herbs. But Still In Doubt. Your Faiths Are Shaking Too. May Allah Guide Us, Aameen.

  21. Salman Mohammed

    Walaikumaslaam. Waiyyak. Jazakallah khair for updating of the article both at start and end.
    Can I suggest title of article to be modified as: Did Researchers In Madinah Claim Successful COVID-19 Treatment?
    This will provide opportunity for the readers to read for themselves and decide. Also, burden/blame wouldn’t be upon any.

  22. Alhamdulillah. Zazakumuallahu Khairan for your every effort to proof the practicality of Hadith of Rasul(Sm). For the redemption of the ummah of the suffering will surely be benefited if they follow your guidance.
    Assalamualikum to the team and the facilitators
    Md Kamal
    From Bangladesh

  23. Musa Zubairu Usman

    May the. Allah bless your good work in opening up the doors of assistance to Muslims through Sunna and other unambiguous means.

  24. I live by a simple rule which is-‘if in doubt, stay out ‘.
    This rule can be applied in many aspects of your life- halaal food, relationships, doing business etc.
    For the record- I do take a tablespoon of kulunji oil with honey every morning and by the grace of ALLAH (swt) I am in good health, even though my immune system is low because of long term cortisone use for an underlying condition.

    And ALLAH (swt) knows best.

  25. Next time instead of dropping Alhumdulillah and MashaAllah and hadees in the story, spend some tike verifying what you are reporting. People reading this stuff and passing it on to others as some miracle cure can hurt of lot of people, even if you come add correction notices at the bottom of the article afterwards. You ought to rewrite the entire thing and note the nature of the publication and the low level of analysis of this so called cure early on and not as some ‘oops we screwed up’ note at the end. Be more responsible.

  26. Alhamdu Lillah, May Allah bless all the research teams and grant them with more knowledge and wisdom to come out with more effective ways and medicine to help fight the virus.

  27. Shabbir Nazerali

    Salaams to all.Why people debate wether this medicine of black seed oil will truly help or not? We do believe that our prophet has guided us on diseases…so lets think positively and inshallah it will as our muslim brothers do say.One thing i would like to say is lets not wait for WHO or some scientists or Doctors from ‘EUROPE’ 🤔 to confirm this..they may never do it!!!! and we should all know why😳.we should respect and trust other doctors/ scientists from any part of the world and think positively on their findings, why only Europeans? Duas,, shabbir nazerali.

  28. Alhamdulillaah, may Allah greatly reward your priceless efforts at getting to this end of your research. Foes abound and simply because it is of Islamic origin, some of us are not surprised at all at some of the unwholesome comments passed by sarcasm. We are Muslims and we know the values placed on the sayings of our Noble Prophet Muhammad (SAW). I’ve been using black seed and it’s oil a lot. No doubt about its benefits. Jazaakumullaahu khayran.

  29. Aslamo alykum warahmatullahi
    Brother I just want to purchase this camomile how to know which one to buy as too many available in market ,is it German or english/Roman cammomile

  30. Mohammad Abbas

    Subhanallah. Once again our Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam, PBU, teachings came to the rescue of ummah and human beings Alhamdulillah.
    I am using black seeds , 05-08 seeds chewed and taken with water before going to bed for last 15 years. By the Grace of Allah, perfectly healthy. More Research be done on this subject and make medicines for various ailments and should made popular during Haj and Umrah , so that it reaches all over the World Ummah.
    Jazakallah khair.

  31. An ancient spice recognised by many for its influence on nutrition and health, Black Seed is a powerful tool that is still used today for its therapeutic potential. But how did the black seed phenomenon begin?
    The History:
    Due to its prevalent use in ancient Egypt, Black Seed has been labelled as the ‘Secret of the Pharaohs’ – and was even found in Tutankhamen’s tomb! Native to the Mediterranean and Asian regions, Black Seed has been cultivated for over 3,000 years for a multitude of uses.

  32. The black seed has an active ingredient called thymoquionone, and the FDA approved hydroxychloroquine is a derivative of this substance. It has been used in treating previous versions of coronavirus (SARS) and a number of other respiratory diseases.

    On top of that the black seed is rich in all essential nutrients and can do wonders for the immune system, which is the best prevention for all diseases. More info on this

    You can also order black seed oil from there. You will need at least 250-500ml of oil or 180 strong capsules to get the immune system effect.

  33. Thank you for posting this informative piece of news. I don’t doubt that Prophetic Medicine does have benefits, however, as brother Salman pointed out, there are some issues with the article being published.

    I would like to know where this news was sourced from by your team of editors? I could not find the below quote by the doctor in charge of the research anywhere. Could you please reference this quote?

    “By Allah’s favor, all of the Corona [Covid19] patients who used this treatment, TaibUVID, have improved, and they prepared it in their own homes. It did not take a patient more than one week to improve.”

    Jazakallahu Khairan

    1. It’s translated from Arabic. The reference to the research paper source itself is clear and given in English.

  34. Issa Imad Musa-Imad

    Assalamu alaikum warahmatullah thanks to Allah that covid19 medicine is found in madina research center may swa bless all of you.
    Wasalamu alaikum warahmatullah.

  35. The article did not provide any method or result of any trial that can prove it effective in treating COVID19 patients. Can you please publish some evidences and the methods.

  36. Salaam,
    I hope you are well inshallah.
    I have recently launched a beautiful product made from manuka honey & black seed blend. It has been effective as a supplement, inshallah for illnesses, infections, especially CoVid-19.
    Wondering whether you may have the chance to talk to other colleagues about the honey blend please?
    here is the website:

  37. Yusuf lavangee

    Do not doubt the advise given to the Ummah by our Beloved Nabi sallallahu alaihe wassallam regarding The Black seed and honey as being a cure for all sicknesses except Death .This is Imaan.Whatever the Nabi sallallahu alahie wasallam told is haq and also the Whole Quran is a cure for every mental spiritual and physical Illness. Have Yaqeen sicknesses is from Allah Allah subhanuwatalah and cure is only from Allah Rubulizath Ameen sumaameen yarabulalameen

  38. Aminu muhammad Rabiu

    اسرع طريقة للتوعية والوعظ والارشاد هي هذه الطريقة فزاكم الله خيرا

  39. Assalamu alaykum warahmatullah. May Allah reward you for sharing this information. Where black seed and chamomile is not readiky available, can the oils be a substitue? Is yes, at what dose? Thank you in anticipation of your response

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