Madinah Gov. Opens $14m ‘Charity City’

charity city in madinah

Madinah Gov. Opens $14m ‘Charity City’
Includes Business Incubator For Women

RIYADH: Madinah Gov. Prince Faisal bin Salman launched on Monday a 14-story complex costing SR52 million ($14 million) that would house all the region’s charities.

Speaking at the opening, Prince Faisal, who is also chairman of the Charitable Society for Social Services, said the complex would have state-of-the art facilities.

Abdul Barie bin Awadh Al-Thibaiti, secretary general of the society, said the new building would generate muchneeded funds for charitable activities. He said the 30-year-old organization helps more than 6,000 students a year on a fiveyear budget of SR33 million.

He said it has four business incubators for women in various parts of the region and is keen to ensure greater financial strength to meet demands like assisting needy families with cash for the education of their children.

[Source: Arab News]

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