Repentance in Islam: How can you give up when Allah doesn’t?


Some of us commit sins publicly, while some privately. We all get deviated, lulled and distracted by falsehood and worldly temptations. It is just so common. Why? Because sins have become cheap, easy, accessible and affordable.

You might have wrong deeds piled up in your record book and you might have lost hope in being forgiven. You might think: “What’s the use of seeking forgiveness when I know I am ruined?” Think again! Allah always has doors of Mercy and forgiveness that are open. He never Tires of forgiving. He is All-Forgiving and Most Compassionate When He promises to forgive you, how can you lose hope in His mercy? Whose promise is Truer than the promise of Allah? How can you give up on yourself when your Creator doesn’t? Subhan’Allah!

If we disappoint our peers, our friends or even our family there would come a time when they would give up on us. They would shut their doors saying, “We have had enough.” They will remind us again and again how they had forgiven us in the past, they will remind us of our previous mistakes, the chances they have given us, our promises of never disappointing them again.

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Human beings tire of giving chances and forgiving others. But the mercy of The Creator is endless. There’s no boundary to His Love for His creation. When we return to Allah with regret in our hearts, purity in our prayers and a promise of never returning to those sins again, He forgives.

“And whoever does a wrong or wrongs himself but then seeks forgiveness will find Allah Forgiving and Merciful.” [Quran, 4:110]

Allah knows our shortcomings, He knows the traps of Shaytaan and He knows that we all fall into these traps again and again. It’s not about how many times you have failed; it’s about how badly you want to rise again. How badly you want His mercy and how strongly you want to change. Don’t let Shaytaan tell you that it’s too late. It’s one of his traps; to bring us into sinning and disobeying our Creator and then depriving us of the hope that we can be forgiven.

Imagine a scenario: A child is holding his mother’s hand and walking in a crowded place. Suddenly, somehow he loses grip of her hand and finds himself lost. He doesn’t know where to go. He is confused, afraid, terrified and eager to get back to his mother. Now can you imagine the state of his mother? Just the thought of never seeing her child again tears her apart. She is even more worried than him. Every possible scenario is going through her mind. Her entire world is collapsing. And the moment she spots him in the crowd, she is relieved. She’s the happiest person alive

Now imagine the love of Allah as compared to the love of a mother. Allah’s love is 70 TIMES greater than a mother’s love. When you find yourself lost in the whirlpool of your sins, when you can’t see yourself coming out of this mess, when all you see is darkness around you, remember His doors are open for you. He loves you. If you crawl to Him, He will walk to you. If you walk to Him, He will run to you!

So start your journey back to Al-Wudood (the Most Loving) In-sha Allah before it’s too late to repent.

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