No Muslim country in top 10 Halal meat exporters

Pakistan’s newspapers have reported quoting Malaysian officials that no Muslim country features among top 10 halal meat exporters. The market is dominated by companies in Western countries. 

A team of officials from Malaysian department of Islamic development visited several abattoirs in Lahore recently to inspect and ensure that the meat being exported to their country was halal and safe for consumption.

Some months ago, Malaysia’s state minister for religious affairs and domestic trade Haji Abdul Malik Kassim, while on a visit, had stated that Pakistan can play a major role in the global halal meat industry. Halal meat contributes about 16 per cent of total world trade of the commodity.

It is only in recent years that Pakistan has begun to realise the importance and export potential of halal food. The volume of overall halal products, which was $635 billion dollars in the year 2010, is estimated to have reached $2 trillion.

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