Is our planet overpopulated?

ARE the limited space and resources on our earth simply not sufficient for the kind of numbers we are producing every year? And will refugees and immigrants eat away our scarce resources? Let’s answer these questions using basic facts and math that Dean Esmay used in his Overcrowded Planet? manifesto.

What Would Life Be Without Water

Without evaporation from lakes and oceans feeding the water cycle, it would stop raining. Without pools of water to drink from, people and most animals would dehydrate and die in a matter of days. Within a few weeks, plants would start withering in the ever-drier air. Within months, mass forest die-offs would begin. Some drought-resistant trees …

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Miracle of the Qur’an: Embryo Described Before Microscope

Embryology,the study of how the human embryo develops in the mother’s womb, could not progress significantly without the use of microscopes. Microscopes were not invented until the 17th century, and were not used in this field of study until the 18th century.

Glow Worms

 WHILE gliding through a dark cave in Australia or New Zealand, you may notice shimmering lights above. You may mistake them for stars that twinkle at night. However, they are neither stars nor special lights lit for your grand entrance! Rather, they are creatures that emit light and live on the ceilings of caves. What’s so …

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Northern Lights

IN Tromso, Norway, in the Arctic Circle, you get to witness one of the finest creations of Allah: lights above earth’s magnetic pole known as Aurora Borealis. People in this extreme north region never see the sun from November until February, so Allah replaced them with this light produced when earth’s magnetic field repels sun’s …

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How Special Are The Fruits Mentioned In The Quran

WE all love fruits don’t we? Sweet, sour, juicy, colorful, delightful and of course tasty and delicious. Let’s take a look at the fruits mentioned in the Quran, and find out their benefits.

How Some Birds & Animals Sleep

SLEEP is one of the signs of Allah in this universe, and there are several ayat in the Quran that point to this: And among His Signs is your sleep by night and by day, and your seeking of His Bounty. Verily, in that are indeed signs for a people who listen.  [Quran 30:23] And …

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