6 Muslim inventions that changed the world

There is no such thing as Islamic science – for science is the most universal of human activities. But the means to facilitating scientific advances…...


Lab-Grown Brain Cells Learn To Play Video Game Pong

A Melbourne-led team has for the first time shown that 800,000 brain cells living in a dish can perform goal-directed tasks – in this case the simple tennis-like computer game, Pong.


Al-Zahrawi: The father of modern surgery

Abu Qasim Khalaf Ibn Abbas Al-Zahrawi, known in the West as Albucasis or Zahravius, was born in 936 AD in Al-Zahra’, a suburb, six miles…...


Innovative Solutions And Inventions

Greening the steel industry When companies burn coal to produce steel, they spew carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—an estimated seven to nine per cent of…...