Father of Modern Optics: Ibn Al-Haytham

Ibn al-Haytham is credited with explaining the nature of light and vision, through using a dark chamber he called Albeit Almuzlim, which has the Latin translation as the camera obscura; the device that forms the basis of photography.


Qur’anic Miracle: Mining Iron from space

According to a recent news report, scientists calculated that one of two metallic asteroids floating in Earth’s vicinity may contain precious metals worth about $11.65…...

over population

Is our planet overpopulated?

ARE the limited space and resources on our earth simply not sufficient for the kind of numbers we are producing every year? And will refugees…...


What Would Life Be Without Water

Without evaporation from lakes and oceans feeding the water cycle, it would stop raining. Without pools of water to drink from, people and most animals…...