Halal Trade, Tourism Booming In Bosnia

BOSNIAN banks, food producers and hoteliers are adopting halal standards to tap a fast-growing market thanks to the country’s large Muslim population, an influx of Gulf tourists and growing trade with the Arab world.

World Bank, IDB Urge Islamic Finance To Play The Long Game

THE The World Bank and the Saudi-based Islamic Development Bank want to increase the use of long-term investments in Islamic finance, tasking the industry with reducing its reliance on Islamic banks in favor of a wider array of institutions.

The Man Behind Kiswa’s Calligraphy

MOKHTAR Alim Shaqdar is the official calligrapher of the kiswa, the black covering of the Holy Kaaba, according to a report published in the Saudi Gazette. Shaqdar replaced his predecessor Abdulraheem Bokhari, who died in 1996 at the age of 90.

Madinah: 10,000 To Do I’tikaf On Rooftop Of Prophet’s Mosque

ARRANGEMENTS are being made at the Prophet’s Mosque (Masjid an-Nabi) in Madinah to accommodate 10,000 worshipers who intend to perform the ritual of I’tikaf (seclusion and staying in the mosque with the intention of worshiping) during the month of Ramadan.