Who’s afraid of learning Arabic?

EVER wonder how many of us offer our prayers perfunctorily, or even incorrectly, barely understanding what we say? Ever notice how many of us aren’t

Using Asthma Inhalers While Fasting

Question: In some of the pharmacies (they sell) inhalers which some of the asthma sufferers use; is it permissible for the fasting person to use


Where to Escape?

Escapism is usually regarded in a negative connotation because of its dangers when overindulged. However, Science has proved its benefits when consumed in a healthy


How Muslims Were Victorious

Abu Ishaq Al-Fazari (d. 777 CE) describes well in the following narration: The enemy was never able to stand up to the Companions of Allah’s

Joking: Like Salt In Food

Question: We are a group of youth who pray, fast, and do what we can of acts of worship, all praise is due to Allah.

dont rush through prayer

Don’t rush through prayer

We truly appreciate the value of something when we are deprived of it – either temporarily or irrevocably. Owing to a recent accident, I was