What is Islam?

“Islām” is an Arabic word which means peaceful, willing submission – submission to the code of conduct ordained by God.  So Islam is a religion, but it is also a complete way of life based upon a voluntary relationship between an individual and his Creator.  It is the way of life ordained by God which …

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Neglecting Obedience is Sin

Our Creator has given us a complete way of life: our deen.  It is obligatory to live according to the Shariʽah, which is derived from the Qur’an and Sunnah.  Failing to comply on any aspect which is obligatory or to avoid that which is forbidden is sinful. Unfortunately, some of us have become unmindful of …

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Ali Banat and Dying in Ramadan

Screenshot from a video. Ali Banat’s back is toward the camera. Allah’s signs are all around us — in life and in death. On May 29, 2018, an Australian Muslim, Ali Banat, passed away in the blessed month of Ramadan, like many other Muslims around the world. What distinguished Ali was his legacy and the …

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Ramadan Rules For Marriage And Intimacy

 MANY Muslims are unaware of what rules and regulations surround marriage and intimacy during Ramadan. This compilation deals with the most common issues surrounding marriage and intimacy in the month of fasting.