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What Is Not Beauty In You?

Woman, what a beautiful creation of God!
So beautiful, leaves everyone awed
Unparalleled is her contribution;
Home, love, children and compassion

No harm should touch her; a command from the heavens
Do not display your adornment; the best of havens
More beautiful than the sparkling stars in the dark sky
More desirable than anything of the world, nobody can deny

More precious than a pearl bastioned in the shell
Deserves more armor, than a king in his cell
Be gentle with the women! The Prophet emphasized
She raises a generation; leaders, righteous and wise

The greater the honor, the greater the responsibility
O women of peace, Don’t be heedless of the accountability!
Obey The Giver of all honor, Worthy of all Praise
His wisdom so mighty, His commands amaze

The veil of honor, Hijab, they say
Never let it go, even if your hair turns grey
Pay attention to the details when you read His words
..Don’t show off your adornment..” (Nur:31), said the Lord of all worlds

It’s a command to all women, there’s no one ‘ugly’ in His sight
Don’t seek loopholes, just do what is right
Don’t we know where beauty lies?
Face? Body or the eyes?

Set aside opinions, suggestions and pressure
Your ranks He will raise, if you desire His pleasure
O women of peace, don’t let go your value
The doors of Paradise are waiting to call you

Open your hearts to the verse, O women of peace!
He defined hijab for you, excuses you must cease
If you decide to obey and abide
What is not beauty in you? Almost everything you will hide

This covering is a symbol of obedience
Revealing modesty and confidence
That you’re beautiful, loyal and secure
From all evil and gazes that are impure

Praise be to Allah, The Lord of men, women and everything that exists
Peace be upon the messenger who conveyed the truth as is.

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