How to take care of your hair under hijab

How to nourish your hair under hijab

Managing your hair while having to wear hijab for long periods of the day can be challenging, but not impossible. Here are some tips to nourish your hair and keep them healthy, nice and shiny.

1. Get A Good Hair Brush & Don’t Brush Wet Hair

Using the wrong hairbrush can cause hair loss at a faster rate. Find which type suits you best – the comb or the hairbrush – and whether your hair does better with medium or fine bristles. The right brush helps you avoid tugging on your hair while brushing. Don’t brush wet hair because the hair pores are bigger, making the hair weaker. Give your hair about two hours until it is 70 percent dry before brushing away.

2. Don’t Wear Hijab on Damp Hair

The first sign of dandruff is that you begin to scratch your head more often than usual. If you have the habit of putting on your underscarf and hijab when your hair is damp (or even worse, wet!), avoid or stop this altogether. Plan your hair care routine so that you can wash your hair on alternate nights. Not only will your hair have the time to naturally dry as you sleep, you’ll wake up with smooth and clean hair that will not disrupt your daily hijab routine.

3. How to Avoid Flat Hair

If you’ve been wearing hijab for a few years, notice how your hair tends to fall flat? The scarf exerts some pressure on your hair – the worst if you have thin hair. If you have long locks, try braiding your hair and putting it up into a bun using a scrunchie before putting on your under scarf. When it’s time to take off your hijab after a long day, the curls created by the braid will add volume to your hair. You could also blow dry fortnightly to add volume. And a quick way to get some volume at the front is to frequently change your hair parting.

4. Dealing With Dry Hair

Coarse hair definitely means your hair is dry. Instead of the silky shiny effect we all want, your hair looks dull and frizzy. Make a habit of spritzing some liquid moisturiser for dry hair on your locks and leaving for a few minutes. Then, tie your hair into a loose ponytail or bun, and put on your underscarf and hijab. The most important items to avoid: hairdryers and hair irons. Get your sister or friend to massage your hair with hair conditioners, dry shampoos, serums or oils monthly – don’t forget to take turns!

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