Book Review: Civilization of Faith

Book Review: Civilization Of Faith

 WHAT name comes to your mind when you think of civilization that is successful and advanced?

It won’t be a surprise to hear that many would think of Western civilization.

But what about our Muslim civilization? How much do we know about our history and our predecessors? What did they do?

It is sad that very few of us know the glory and legacy of the Islamic civilization that our predecessors built. Some of us want to know but do not know where to look.

Well, Dr Mustafa Al-Sibaee’s book Civilisation of Faith, is your answer.

Written originally in Arabic, it has been translated into English by Nasiruddin Al-Khattab.

The author covers all aspects of our glorious Islamic civilization. Whether it is from a religious, academic, social, or political perspective, Dr Mustafa has covered our civilization in an amazing manner.

Written in a narrative style, the author’s words will take you to the past and your mind will wander through the streets of Baghdad, Damascus and Spain.

You will learn about our great scholars, get an insight into our wars and gasp at the many wonders that Muslims built like beautiful palaces, mosques, hospitals, schools, libraries, and universities. It sure is a history book, yet it enlightens you in ways that you least expect.

Dr Mustafa says in his book, p.64,

“…whilst every civilisation may be able to boast of its brilliant sons of one nationality, only the Islamic Civilisation can boast of the brilliant minds from all nations and peoples who built it.”

Reading the book till the end will make you realize the glorious past we as Muslims have and how ignorant we have been all these years. You will know that our predecessors left a huge impact that we are still indebted to.

Now it’s on us to continue on their brilliant path building our legacy or simply let our glory remain in the pages of history.

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