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Saudi Arabia restores historical mosques in latest renovation project

Saudi Arabia launched the second phase of Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Project for Historical Mosques Renovation, where mosques with historic significance are renovated to their original architectural state using modern construction methods.

The ambitious project targets the renovation and development of a total of 130 historical mosques in several phases in various regions of the Kingdom.

The first phase was announced in 2018, where 30 mosques were restored at a cost of nearly 50 million riyals ($13.3m). The age of the oldest historic mosque restored was 1432 years. One of them was established in the era of the Prophet’s companion Jarir Bin Abdullah Al-Bajali, namely Jarir Al-Bajali Mosque in Taif governorate.

The second phase of the project, which began this year, covers 30 historical mosques which were chosen on the basis of their historical and heritage significance. They are either related to the Prophet’s biography or the Islamic caliphate or the history of Saudi Arabia.

Among the mosques to be renovated is Masjid Al Bay’ah (Mosque of the Pledge), which was built at the request of Caliph Abu Jaafar Al Mansur in 144 AH, around 761 CE in the Gregorian calendar.

It was constructed at the site where the Ansar of Madinah pledged their allegiance to Prophet Mohammed ﷺ in the year 621 CE. The mosque’s unique architectural features were unearthed 16 years ago during the expansion project of the Jamrat Al Aqaba in Mina. The area of the mosque after renovation will remain the same at 457.56 square meters, and it will have a capacity of 68 worshippers.

Masjid Al Bay’ah

Al-Fath Mosque in Al-Jamoum was also built centuries ago. It is believed that Prophet Muhammad most probably prayed in this mosque in the year of conquest. The mosque was renovated in 1998 after several years of neglect. It will now be expanded from 455 square meters to 553 square meters, to increase its capacity from 218 to 333 worshippers.

The crown prince’s project is part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 plan to preserve the country’s heritage while using these ancient structures to inspire the design of new mosques.

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