Who Is The Best After The Prophets?

 ALLAH chose Muhammad ﷺ from among the children of Adam to send to all of mankind. Allah, The Most High, revealed the most perfect, sound and suitable religion for the creation through him.

The Extraordinaire Ibn Kathir’s Extraordinary Book on History

LONG before internet searches ‘democratized’ information and encyclopaedic websites made life easier for students and researchers alike, there was a class of scholars – men and women of knowledge – who thrived in the hardest of circumstances, undeterred by the most meagre of means. They worked not for name and fame, but with their sights …

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Battle of Dhat Al-Salaasil: When Muslims ruled Arabia

This battle took place after the Battle of Mu’tah in Jumada al-Thani, 8AH, in which the Muslims gained victory against the Romans. These days were among the last days of the Prophet ﷺ, a period where the Muslims gained victory over all of Arabia, opening doors to the domination of truth. As-Sallabi writes:

Hajj in 1885: Old & Rare Pictures of the Pilgrimage

These rare – perhaps the oldest existing – pictures have been attributed to Makkan photographer Abdul Ghaffar and Dutchman Christiaan Snouck Hurgronje who had come to Makkah and embraced Islam. (Archived by Leiden University Library) View of Ka’bah

Water Clocks & How Al Jazari’s Castle Clock Works

WATER CLOCKS, among the earliest timekeepers created by mankind, were initially used as important aids to astronomy. One of the earliest forms of water-clocks, Clepsydra, is a simple Egyptian Vase (1500 BCE) from which water flowed out of small spout near its base. Divisions imprinted on its side indicated the time as the level dropped.