Umm Muhammad

Translator of the popular Saheeh International, the meaning of Qur'an in English, and author of many books. She has offered all her books for free in the PDF format and they are available on Muslim Ink's Books section.

The Path to Prayer

This booklet is an easily understood guide teaching prayer according to the Prophet’s sunnah. It describes the procedure of ṣalāh from beginning to end according to as practiced and taught by the Prophet ﷺ and the scholars of early generations. Contains transliteration to assist the new Muslim in proper pronunciation. Used in the curriculum of […]

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Juz’u `Amma – A Basic Study

Juz’u ‘Amma is the most commonly recited and memorized portion of the Qur’ān. Its early revelations came in powerful language consisting of short, concise but eloquent sentences; their literary style was so unique that it attracted a great deal of attention. Logical evidences supported the universal truths expressed within them. Their verses exposed the errors

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From the Guidance of Surah YaSeen

Because the Qur’an is the primary source of religious teachings, understanding its meanings is essential for every Muslim. The subjects treated in Surah YaSeen are primarily those denied most by the unbelievers – namely, tawheed, the resurrection and the prophethood of Muḥammad ﷺ. The surah presents arguments appealing to reason and brings to witness some

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How Hijab Became Controversial In The 20th Century


When Muslim populations finally began to awaken after a long period of stagnation, blind acceptance of custom, and deep deficiencies in both secular and religious education, they found before them a system of well-established accredited western institutions offering everything one needed to succeed in worldly life, while Islamic education had been reduced to sanctified tradition

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What Is The Purpose Of Worship And Why Should People Worship At All?

why worship

The idea of servitude has become distasteful to the modern secular mind-set which concerns itself with individual liberties.  Some might say that humanity has no need to worship, and that doing so compromises freedom.  They forget, however, that absolute freedom is neither possible or even desirable for all members of a society, and that is

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What is Islam?

“Islām” is an Arabic word which means peaceful, willing submission – submission to the code of conduct ordained by God.  So Islam is a religion, but it is also a complete way of life based upon a voluntary relationship between an individual and his Creator.  It is the way of life ordained by God which

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