Umm Muhammad

Translator of the popular Saheeh International, the meaning of Qur'an in English, and author of many books. She has offered all her books for free in the PDF format and they are available on Muslim Ink's Books section.

Short Surahs and Surah Fatihah: Transliteration and Meanings

Qiṣār as-Suwar are twenty-two short sūrahs occurring at the end of the Qur’ān, from Sūrah adh-Dhuḥā to Sūrah an-Nās. We are pleased to present this booklet to readers unfamiliar with Arabic script to serve as an aid to reading and memorizing these short sūrahs which are commonly recited in prayer. Transliteration into Latin characters assists

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Social and Family Rulings from Surah an-Nisaa

family rulings

Sūrah an-Nisaa’ was revealed in Madinah. Because it contains many rulings concerning society, the family and women in particular, ‘Umar bin al-Khaṭṭāb wrote to the people of Kūfah, saying, “Teach your women three sūrahs: An-Nisaa’, An-Nūr and Al-Aḥzāb.” The sūrah revolves around three main themes: 1. Purification of Muslim society from remnants of jāhiliyyah and

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In the Light of Surah an-Nur

The most significant feature of the Qur’an is that it is the words of Allah, the Most High. This obviously means it is the absolute, indisputable truth, and that its legislation is perfectly balanced and completely just. It presents the essential teachings of the faith and the laws that regulate and govern human life.This surah

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Fasting in Islam

Fasting includes self-refinement and discipline. It pleases the Lord, provides nourishment for the soul and teaches patience, self-control and appreciation of provisions often taken for granted. But a believer’s objective must be to fulfill his obligation to his Lord, to show servitude to Him, and to obey His command. He fasts only for the acceptance

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Clear Your Doubts About Islam

clear your doubts about islam

Information is a source of assurance and a bridge to tolerance and understanding. This book provides concise yet comprehensive answers to questions most often raised about Islam and corrects much of the misinformation currently being spread in a clear, logical manner. Though initially meant for non-Muslims, it is also beneficial in assisting Muslims to respond

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Juz’u `Amma – A Basic Study

Juz’u ‘Amma is the most commonly recited and memorized portion of the Qur’ān. Its early revelations came in powerful language consisting of short, concise but eloquent sentences; their literary style was so unique that it attracted a great deal of attention. Logical evidences supported the universal truths expressed within them. Their verses exposed the errors

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Muslim Parents and Cyberculture

Muslim parents and cyberculture

Cyberculture is internet culture – the new environment into which we have been drawn in recent years. While kids are often more internet-savvy than parents, and although we cannot protect them from every negative influence, there are some real and manageable steps we can take to help children stay safe. This book presents practical guidelines

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