Rahla Khan

Top 10 Muharram Misconceptions

Muharram is marked in many places by chest-thumping, flagellating crowds and processions that leave traffic jams and chaos in their wake. People make special sweets and dishes and line streets with streamers and lamps, to the extent that non-Muslims mistake these ceremonies for a celebration and might even wish Muslims “Happy Muharram”! While many Muslims …

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Fitnah of Internet: Islamic Tips for Spending Time Online

MUSLIMS are spending a great deal of their time online – according to Professor Gary Bunt, author of ‘Virtually Islamic’ and ‘Islam in the Digital Age’, there are over a 100 million Muslims online globally – and the line between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ life is getting blurred for many.

Haya in Islam: Cultivating Modesty in an Immoral World

The graffiti reads, “Allah’s Messenger ﷺ‎ said: Haya is a branch of faith.” FOR a generation that has been brought up on risqué offerings from Hollywood and Bollywood, music channels, TV soaps and talk shows, suggestive advertisements and explicit content on the Internet, the Islamic concept of Haya’ might seem like an outdated, impossibly archaic …

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