April 22, 2022

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Social and Family Rulings from Surah an-Nisaa

family rulings

Sūrah an-Nisaa’ was revealed in Madinah. Because it contains many rulings concerning society, the family and women in particular, ‘Umar bin al-Khaṭṭāb wrote to the people of Kūfah, saying, “Teach your women three sūrahs: An-Nisaa’, An-Nūr and Al-Aḥzāb.” The sūrah revolves around three main themes: 1. Purification of Muslim society from remnants of jāhiliyyah and …

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Short Surahs and Surah Fatihah: Transliteration and Meanings

Qiṣār as-Suwar are twenty-two short sūrahs occurring at the end of the Qur’ān, from Sūrah adh-Dhuḥā to Sūrah an-Nās. We are pleased to present this booklet to readers unfamiliar with Arabic script to serve as an aid to reading and memorizing these short sūrahs which are commonly recited in prayer. Transliteration into Latin characters assists …

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Fiqh ad-Da’wah: Islamic principles and regulations

The author, Somayah Kassas, has compiled from several Arabic resources the regulations and guidelines for giving da’wah. The book includes most basic fiqh ad-da’wah syllabuses due to the shortage of such literature in the English language. First published in 2005, the material of this book was gathered and presented to the students of the Islamic …

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Zakah and Sadaqah

The divinely ordained system of zakah is the right of Allah within His dominion. The word “zakah” means purification and growth. Its regular payment purifies the owner’s remaining wealth and purifies his heart from such ailments as greed and selfishness. The system of zakah ordained by Allah is the ideal way to meet the needs …

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The Pillars of Faith

In Islam, faith (īmān) is based on six essential beliefs. Islamic beliefs provide mankind with access to the secrets of existence and the knowledge that nothing was created without a function or purpose.They relate to a person’s conduct and character and to his eventual condition in the greater life to come. But they are not …

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The Path to Prayer

This booklet is an easily understood guide teaching prayer according to the Prophet’s sunnah. It describes the procedure of ṣalāh from beginning to end according to as practiced and taught by the Prophet ﷺ and the scholars of early generations. Contains transliteration to assist the new Muslim in proper pronunciation. Used in the curriculum of …

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The Global Messenger

global messenger

This is an introduction to Muhammad, the Prophet of Islam, with a glimpse of his life, character, accomplishments and teachings – a brief account presenting facts from historically verified sources. It concludes with some authentic supplications taught by the Prophet ﷺ, reflecting his relationship with Allah and serving as guidance for his followers at every …

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