Muslim women who taught their husbands

Muslim Women Who Taught Their Husbands

Author: Bintus Sabeel

The book features some of the prominent women scholars who shared their treasure trove of knowledge contributing to spread of their ilm serving the people of their time and societies to come. These women taught their husbands and were known for their knowledge and understanding of the deen. They did not lag behind their male counterparts in acquiring, mastering and teaching knowledge of this deen that they whole-heartedly loved. It is a well reminder of how the women, wives and daughters of Muslims excelled across all Islamic fields including Fiqh, Tafseer, Hadith, language and more.

The societies that they lived in benefited greatly from their knowledge and acknowledged their contribution proving false the label imposed upon the Scholars of Islam as patriarchal and misogynist. The book intrigues us enough to know more about these marvelous women’s lives while successfully inspiring the Muslim women to pursue knowledge of the deen and strive to excel, spread & continue the legacies that these brilliant women left behind.

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