March 12, 2021

Natural Birth Increases Breastfeeding Success


ALLAH designed the female body perfectly to carry, deliver and feed babies.  This miracle has been a trusted fact since the creation of humankind.  It wasn’t until the last century that there were other options besides natural, non-medicated birth followed by breastfeeding. With these new options women have begun to doubt their bodies and the…...

Adnan Oktar Gets 1,000 Years In Jail

harun yahya

FOR years, Adnan Oktar’s cult made outrageous claims about Islam.  Newspapers indulged him as a crackpot, a deviant “Islamic” preacher surrounded by a harem of women in heavy make-up and swimsuits.  (Oktar argued the bikini was a form of religious covering.)  Few people took him seriously.  The authorities mostly seemed to ignore him. In the…...