Halal Love: How the Sahabah Kept Warm in Winter

How do you warm yourself in the winter, especially when you come out shivering after a shower? Heater and warm clothes probably. But do you snuggle up with your wife or husband?

Subulassalam recently published narrations of what some of the best Sahabah – Umar, Ali, Abdullah ibn Mas’ood, Abu Darda, and Ibn Umar – would do:

Narrated by Ibraheem at-Tameemi: “Umar used to to warm himself with his wife after Ghusl.”

Umm ad-Darda said: “Abu ad-Darda would come shivering after Ghusl and warm himself with me.”

Ibn Umar said: “I would do Ghusl from Janabah, then warm myself with my wife before she did Ghusl.”

Abdullah ibn Mas’ood said: “Indeed I would warm myself with her during the winter, as I would cool myself with her during the summer.”

Al-Haarith narrated that Ali “used to do Ghusl from Janabah, then come and warm himself with his wife before she did Ghusl, then he would pray without touching water.”

Alqamah used to warm himself with his wife, then get up and make the ablution he makes for Salah.

Abdullah ibn ‘Abbas said: “That was the life of the Quraysh during the winter.”

رضي الله عنهم

Oh, how romantic! Weren’t they blessed? Well, we too can bring such love in our relationships.

Allah said in Surah Baqarah (2:187) that husbands and wives were “libas” (clothing) for each other. How beautiful that He created this special, loving relationship. Ibn Katheer says in his Tafsir of Surah Room, “Out of Allah’s perfect mercy He made their wives from their own kind, and created love and kindness between them.”

May Allah put love and kindness in all our marriages. Ameen.

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All narrations quoted, according to Subulassalam, were from Ibn Abee Shaybah’s Mussanaf [1/78], except Abdullah ibn Mas’ood’s, which is from Al-Mu’jam al-Kabeer by al-Tabaraani [9/249]

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