A love story bound by the love of knowledge


ABDULLAH married the daughter of his teacher, the great scholar and tabi’ee Sa’eed ibn al-Musayyab. [Sa’eed himself was the son-in-law of Abu Hurayrah رضي الله عنه]

The very next day of his marriage, Abdullah was putting his cloak to go out, when his new bride asked him:

“Where are you going?”

“To the assembly of Sa’eed to attain knowledge,” he replied.

“Sit here, I will teach you the knowledge of Sa’eed,” she said.

For one month, Abdullah did not attend Sa’eed’s classes because he was learning from his wife.

He described his wife as:

“She was among the most beautiful people, and most expert of those who know the Book of God by heart, and most knowledgeable of the Sunnah of the Prophet, and most aware of the right of the husband.”

Ref: Muslim Women Who Taught Their Husbands [PDF] by Bintus Sabeel

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