Poem: Season of Change

WHEN winds become soft and gentle, when sunshine changes from heat to warmth… when rain is more cooling than ever before… when clouds move calmly dressed in peaceful white… when the rustling of trees is like a familiar chanting… when whispers of prayer fill the earth, when mountains stand motionless echoing Divine praise… when a lull of serenity lingers in the air and Mercy embraces the earth, the Awaited Beloved graces us: Ramadan—the season of change.

To disrupt this beauty would be ever unwise, 

With our human faults, sins and lies 

How perfect if we were to harmonize, 

With the rest of nature when Ramadan arrives! 

It trades perfumes of forgiveness if you repent from vice 

And sweetness of faith for restrained eyes. 

A breath better than the smell of musk, 

For fasting sincerely from dawn to dusk 

It gifts robes of respect for honesty, 

And jewels of Jannah for a little in charity. 

For constant glorification of Allah, 

A face that shines brighter than the stars! 

It reveals the treasures of Paradise 

To those who pray in its blessed nights. 

Its most special gift is the Night of Power 

With immense reward in its every hour. 

If you can sacrifice your sleep, 

To stand through this one night and weep 

Allah promises to forgive all your sins 

If you beg for forgiveness and surrender to Him. 

Full of forgiveness, mercy and wealth, 

Blessings, happiness and health, 

Ramadan changes, Ramadan revives 

Our rushing yet meaningless lives. 

Ramadan closes the gates of Hell 

And shows us the Paradise where we could dwell, 

But this Beloved is soon going away, 

With the end of a mere 30 days… 

To come back after almost a year, 

When maybe neither I… nor you are here.

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