Is it allowed to visit non-mahram, female relatives?

Q: What is the method for visiting the female paternal and maternal cousins, seeing that they are from the relatives?

Shaikh Abdulaziz Ibn Baz: It is prescribed to visit the relatives especially the Mahram relatives such as the maternal and paternal uncles, and the maternal and paternal aunts according to the order of their close relationship to you. This is achieved by writing them, or calling them on the phone; all of this is good. The important matter is to maintain a close relationship with them and to not sever the ties of kinship; rather maintain a good relationship with good words, visiting them or calling them on the phone.

If the visitation is between those who are not Mahram relatives; there is no problem with this provided they are not secluded alone, and there is not Fitna. There is no problem if you visit her in the company of her husband, her brother, or her father. A visit of love and kinship; you give them the greeting of Salaam and ask how they are doing. There is nothing wrong with a visit that does not contain an accusation of evil, there is nothing impermissible present, and there is no seclusion, no uncovering and no revealing of her beauty.

(Translated by Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee)

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