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Book Review: Belief in Allah by Umar al-Ashqar

THE first of a set of eight on ‘aqeedah, this translation is like none other I’ve read. The excellent English and grammar, kept me wanting more, unlike other translations that have put me off with their poor English.

It is a thorough study of the subject, covering all bases and all arguments, as well as refuting it, making it one of the best resources to study, as well as equip oneself for da’wah to anyone in doubt of the existence of Allah (swt). In providing such information about the arguments against ‘aqeedah, it is a one-stop source to understand the logic behind their debate, before taking it apart with reason.

The author cites authentic sources, as well as excerpts from other books on the subject that are known to be legitimate, making it an interesting compilation of research that feels less like research and more like an interactive discussion. 

He talks about why we need to learn ‘aqeedah, the relationship between ‘aqeedah, eman and shari’ah, as well as comparing and contrasting ‘aqeedah and philosophy for those who think they are one and the same. He also inspects sects that deny certain ahadith on ‘aqeedah, and talks about the severity in doing so. 

The book never ceased to amaze me with its wealth of information, on a topic that I always believed was best studied under a teacher. The style of writing makes it seem less like a lecture and more like a teacher in this case, with the added bonus of being able to refer back whenever required.

The book is well-organised – which makes for easy understanding that is crucial in a subject like this – and lacks repetition that I have found in other books, which engages the reader and leaves one wanting to relate the topics to others.

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