An Open Letter from the Women of the Ummah to Its Men

Our dear beloved husbands, As-salāmu alaykum waraḥmatullāhi wabarakātuh… When we embarked upon the journey of life as a team in marriage, while keeping the ākhirah in mind, we had certain ideas, thoughts and aspirations.  And we assumed that you had similar ones too.  Our lives needed a strong relationship and some economic stability to help …

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Tahleel Marriage and Triple Talaaq

THE exploitation of women in the name of tahleel marriage has surfaced and caused a lot of debate. This practice mainly on the backdrop of “triple talaaq” has been going on under cover for ages in countries like India. But it was condemned by the Prophet (ﷺ) and has no sanction in Islamic law. What …

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Marriage Advice In The Qur’an

TO find marriage advice in the Qur’an might appear straightforward, for we have heard the verses in context to marriage multiple times, but there is truly so much more than that. The Qur’an is an ocean of gems for those who seek them. This is by no means a complete list of advice that the Qur’an …

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How To Raise And Discipline Boys

THE best of discipline is that which is done at a young age. If a child is left to his own characteristics and he or she matures into an adult possessing those characteristics, changing the person would be difficult.

Mothering the Ummah

OUR Ummah is formed through blocks of families, and each block contributes to our society. A mother plays a vital role in it as upon her lies the upbringing of the children who eventually have a family of their own. The mother is mainly responsible for the upbringing of sensible and virtuous children who would …

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