Disabled by Israeli War crimes, Palestinian woman finds success in Tailoring

To the world, it is just a number- ‘number of people injured’. But to those who are afflicted, it’s their already straining life that is, yet again, obdurately derailed. The 2014 Israeli aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip has had enduring consequences for the Strip’s two million inhabitants. Over 2,250 Palestinians were killed, 500 of whom were children, and 11,000 were wounded.

After many such falls, the Palestinians who lose their properties, loved ones, or who have been injured still continue to gather themselves up and continue to live on and even shine. One such is Asma Abu Tair, a 34 years old married woman who has two daughters and two sons. She has achieved success in the field of fashion design and tailoring.

During the 2014 besiege of Gaza, Asma became a target of a direct offense from the Israeli occupation warplanes, of which she was wholly undeserving. It resulted in serious injuries that ruptured her arteries and tendons, resulting in the amputation of her leg.

Despite her injury, she worked making cakes for 3 years. She had to visit the neighboring Jordan for her treatment that initially lasted 11 months and then returned to the Gaza Strip to spend 3 years in physical and physiotherapy at the Prosthetics Center, recounts Asma in an interview with Quds network.

Asma said that she was given the chance of her life by the Palestinian Ministry of Labor and the Erada Center for Training, Development, and Rehabilitation of People with Disabilities, who offered her a temporary job and training opportunity for 9 months.

During that period, Abu Tair learned to design and tailor clothes. The Ministry of Labor and Erada Center granted her a small project, in which she tailors, designs, and sells costumes.

Abu Tair says that she will continue to learn and develop in this field, which gave her the ability to bear the difficulty of life due to the obstruction caused by the Israeli occupation warplanes during the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip in 2014.

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