December 9, 2020

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The Battle of Talas – Between the Abbasids and the Chinese

map of the battle of talas

The Battle of Talas determined which of the two civilizations, the Chinese or the Muslim, would predominate in Central Asia. It led to the spread of Islam in the region and introduction of Chinese paper-making technology in the Islamic world. This battle has been covered in both Chinese and Arabic sources. The renowned Muslim historian…...

What is happening to Muslims in China?

Muslim Children in china

Today, China is home to 60-80 million Muslims with about 11 million living in the Xinjiang province, where China has locked down over one million people. Muslims of Xinjiang province, popularly known as Uyghurs, are ethnically Turks and have lived under an “autonomous” rule within China. The semi-autonomous region has seen a few separatist movements…...