April 12, 2018

An Open Letter from the Women of the Ummah to Its Men

Open letter from women to men

Our dear beloved husbands, As-salāmu alaykum waraḥmatullāhi wabarakātuh… When we embarked upon the journey of life as a team in marriage, while keeping the ākhirah in mind, we had certain ideas, thoughts and aspirations.  And we assumed that you had similar ones too.  Our lives needed a strong relationship and some economic stability to help…...

Which acts of worship are best in Islam?

Which acts of worship are best in Islam

Since worship in Islam is so comprehensive, one might wonder which kinds are best and most pleasing to Allah, which ones have the highest rank and draw one closest to Allah. The scholar, Ibn al-Qayyim gave a detailed answer to this question, mentioning the practices of those who have embarked upon that path along with…...