September 8, 2016

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Woman of Courage: Lessons from the story of Hajar


Muslims from all around the world flock to Makkah to perform Umrah and Hajj every year; although many centuries back, you would not find a single person in the lonely valley of Makkah. Surrounded by rock mountains and with a bed of sand for ground, it offered no vegetation and no water. Yet, this was…...

Why Zamzam water is miraculous and special


Old Zamzam Well at the Museum in Makkah. — Photo by Islamopedia EVERY Muslim is aware of the miracle of Zamzam and how it came into being. Prophet Ibrahim عليه السلام surely did not know the wisdom behind leaving his wife and his only son in a deserted valley without plants or water. Nor did Hajar,…...

Do Muslims Really Stone the Devil in Hajj?


THE simple answer is: Muslims DON’T stone the devil in Hajj every year. We stone the Jamarat, not any devil, Shaitan or Shayateen (pl. of Shaitan). The pillars of Jamarat are not devils. This is a misconception even among a few uneducated Muslims. Scholars continue to clarify this point every year during Hajj. Throwing pebbles…...

What is the purpose of Hajj and why is it important to Muslims


HAJJ, one of the five pillars of Islam, is obligatory on every adult Muslim once in his lifetime if he is financially and physically capable to undertake the journey. Allah (God in Arabic language) said in the Qur’an (God’s final revelation to mankind through Prophet Muhammad ﷺ): And pilgrimage to the house is duty upon…...