Diabetes and Ramadan: Guidelines for fasting

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Fasting in Ramadan means to attain Taqwa, and it is prescribed by Allah for His believers.

Chapter 2, Verse 83 of the Qur’an states: "O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that may become righteous."

Fasting with Diabetes can be challenging but Muslims all over the world fast with this condition. It’s a personal decision but advice needs to be taken from doctors/health care professionals.

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Ali Banat and Dying in Ramadan

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Screenshot from a video. Ali Banat's back is toward the camera.

Allah's signs are all around us -- in life and in death. On May 29, 2018, an Australian Muslim, Ali Banat, passed away in the blessed month of Ramadan, like many other Muslims around the world. What distinguished Ali was his legacy and the attitude with which he faced his affliction.

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Tips For A Healthy And Nutritious Ramadan

Tips For A Healthy And Nutritious Ramadan

AS the holy month of Ramadan fast approaches, many are preparing copious amounts of sweet and savory dishes for the ‘feast’ to break the fast, which is iftaar. Pantries and freezers are being packed, stocked and loaded with various delicacies which will adorn Muslim homes across the world. Tables will be laden with an abundance of dishes, making up for the day spent in abstinence.

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No Ramadan Diet Plan Is The Best Plan!


RAMADAN is a plan by Allah for us to cleanse our body and soul. Despite that, everyday different people ask me to provide them with a Ramadan Diet Plan.

If we follow the teachings of Islam correctly, we don't need any diet plan whatsoever.

Chapter 20, verse 81 of the Qur'an states:

"Eat of the good and wholesome things that We have provided for your sustenance but indulge in no excess therein."  [Quran; 20:81]

And that is why there is no diet plan. Eat good and wholesome foods in moderation; that's the key.

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Istiqamah: How To Remain Steadfast After Ramadan


THE word istiqamah comes from the Arabic root word قام (qaama) which means to rise, to stand upright. The word مستقيم (mustaqeem) is derived from the same root.

From the perspective of Shari’ah, it means “to remain consistent on the path you are in, no matter what happens.

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Creative Ways To Instil The Value Of Ramadan In Kids


‘We are what we do repeatedly.’

ANY habit that becomes an inseparable token of our lives is never the result of a day’s work. Instead it is a consequence of endless time and targeted energy. An addictive pattern that we are currently adhering to, can be easily traced back to our toddler days or definitely to a long period of time in our past.

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Muslim Battles During Ramadan


1. Battle Of Badr - 2H

On the 17th of Ramadan two years after Hijrah, Allah established the truth of Islam through the epic battle between the polytheists of Quraish and the Muslims.

Three hundred odd Muslims, through the strength of faith and help from heaven, defeated a well-equipped army of Makkah that was three times their size. Many chiefs of the Quraish were slain and the battle proved a decisive victory in the favor of Muslims. It also sent a strong indication about on whose side Allah was with.

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