How to Properly Visit the Prophet’s Grave

Prophet's mosque madinah

IT is recommended for the person visiting Madinah to send Salaam upon the Prophet  and his two companions.

He makes his way towards his grave after praying two Rakat in the Masjid. If he prays two Rakat in the Rawdah it is better, but if he prays anywhere in the Masjid it is sufficient.

Then after that, he goes towards his grave . He stands in front of him and greets him with Salaam.

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How to perform Ghusl


How to perform Ghusl:

  1. Make an intention for purification

  2. Wash the private parts

  3. Make Wudhoo' (ablution) like the Wudhoo' done for prayer

  4. Pour water first on the right side, then the left side.

  5. Pour water on the head, covering the entire body with water

  6. Washing the feet should be delayed until the end of the Ghusl

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