MADINAH, SAUDI ARABIA – Ramadan Around the World

AL-Madinah Al-Munawwarah (the Lighted City) becomes livelier during the month of Ramadan. During this blessed month, all the markets and shopping centers around the Prophet’s Mosque are crowded with visitors and are opened till late at night. 

Ramadan in Madinah, the blessed city of the Prophet ﷺ‎ is truly amazing. Imagine this, everyone around you tries his utmost to be as nice as possible, as generous as possible.

Muslims standing at the gates of the Prophet’s Mosque inviting strangers to break the fast with them, others handing out water and dates to those leaving the Mosque, people telling each other that they love them for the Sake of Allah.

Quran is heard from all corners of the city: from offices, from stores, from homes, from cars, all day long. All this signals the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan. Then, in the evenings, the most beautiful recitations emanate from the sacred mosque for Taraweeh prayers. 

Finally, every night, in the last ten nights of Ramadan, everyone joins the night prayer at the sacred mosque striving to have their sins forgiven, and hoping to catch the Night of Decree (Laylatul-Qadr). 

– Excerpt from July/Ramadan Issue
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