Various Mosques

In Pictures: Muslims In China

In Pictures:
Muslims in China


Id Kah Mosque in Kashgar, Xinjiang province, China

Various mosques around China

Amin Mosque, Turfan, China

Various mosques in China

Chinese Islamic Calligraphy

99 Names of Allah. Right: Close up

Over many centuries of integration, Muslims in China developed a unique calligraphy style: an Arabic script with Chinese characteristics.

Left: The shahada written inside the Lighthouse mosque. Right: The basmalah in the Qingjing mosque.

The Muslim Quarter of Xian

The Muslim Quarter of Xian is a halal food and commercial street that is well-known and famous throughout China. The Muslim Quarter traces its history to the Tang Dynasty over 1300 years ago.

Left: The Muslim Quarter street; Right: Delicious halal food including noodles, dumplings, kebabs, and more.

A Muslim vendor selling the famous “keebabs”

The International Grand Bazaar of Urumqi, Xinjiang Province

Shops and vendors at the Grand Bazaar and the Muslim Quarter

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